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Cabaret- Microphone


Mar 1, 2014 Properties Comments are off
The scenic designer supplied research for a old style microphone he was interested in for the production of Cabaret. Not having one in stock, I decided to build one from mostly scrap materials from the shop. I only needed to purchase the springs and the threaded attachment for the stand. After drafting the microphone to get the sizes, the entire piece came together quickly. A second microphone was needed for Waa-Mu 2014: Double Feature in May 2014. I was able to pull up the drafting and make a second one and added a couple station names to the tops.


Northwestern University- Barber Theatre
Evanston, IL
February 2014
Director: Nick Bowling
Scenic Designer: Se Hyun Oh

Photos by: Chris Wych
Production photos by: Justin Barbin

WaaMu 2014: Double Feature

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