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The scenic designer wanted sputnik inspired chandeliers but a much larger scale. Each chandelier was designed to be around 6′-0″ wide and 2′-6″ tall. He built a model that was used in the shop to make sure all the angles were correct. Because of the scale of the chandeliers, custom joints were built that also allowed us to have some adjustment in the arm locations. Each of the globes had a RGBW LED inside allowing the lighting designer to have each globe an individual color. Due to the construction and LED control, the chandeliers had to be wired by the light shop as they were being assembled. In addition to the construction, I was also in charge of the automated rigging for them.


Northwestern University- Barber Theatre
Evanston, IL
November 2017
Director: William Brown
Scenic Designer: Scott Penner
Lighting Designer: Matthew Sharp

Photos by: Chris Wych
Production Photos by: Justin Barbin

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