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Pajama Game- Flipping Sewing Machine Tables


Feb 15, 2013 Properties Comments are off
Scenic Designer, Kristina Herne, wanted crates that had sewing machines but could disappear for when they weren’t being used and the crates could be used as set dressing.  I came up with a version where an insert could be lifted out, flipped around, and then placed back into its hole.  After many rehearsals it was discovered that the actresses that did the changes could not flip the sewing machines quickly and gracefully.  A new idea to have a rotating pivot point and lock was developed.  I quick retrofitted the old units with the new idea and quickly got the tables back into rehearsal.  In addition to the tables having sewing machines, they also had to store stools, rolled around on stage, and sat on.

Pajama Game

Northwestern University- Barber Theatre
Evanston, IL
February 2013
Scenic Designer: Kristina Herne

Work photo and video by: Chris Wych
Production photos by: Justin Barbin


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